• What the final race scene is like in car movies

      Movie race scenes (obviously with a heavy Fast and the Furious emphasis here) between cars often have little to do with reality. For some reason when one car is losing suddenly they shift and pull ahead as if they were not on the gas. Plus, who has sixteen gear transmissions anyway?

      This video does a good job summing up the absurdity. Naturally there is a train, plenty of shifting (without even hitting the clutch pedal), and a few other things that we won't spoil.


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        Den* -
        thank you! my Friday started very good!
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        csu87 -
        what a total BS movie and completely inaccurate.

        The mustang didnt crash or even take out a pedestrian
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        Eleventeen -
        The best part was the crappy CGI head transplant at the end. Just like F&F7 LOL.