• Another race fuel option, ETS Racing Fuels - How to choose fuel and what is octane and why is it important?

      Finding good fuel for those days when you want to hit the roadcourse, dragstrip, or 1/2 mile event is not as easy as most people think. Pump E85 is great but it variest in ethanol content and when your car is in kill mode you want consistency and reliability. Enter ETS Racing Fuels.

      They seem to be making a lot of fans with tuners and enthusiasts alike.

      Here is a good explanation as to why you need quality fuel:

      What is Octane and is it important?

      The octane rating is a measurement of the fuelís ability to resist detonation. The higher the octane levels, the more resistant it is to detonation and/or pre-ignition. This indicates not how much power can be generated, but rather how much power can be generated safely. Instead of RON (Research Octane Number), make sure to compare Motor Octane Numbers (MON), as they stem from a test that more accurately simulates racing conditions

      What should I look at when choosing a fuel aside from octane?

      Combustion energy, vaporization heat and combustion speed are three important and related parameters to achieve high performance. An engine is an energy converter: from chemical energy in gasoline to kinetic energy (movement of pistons), then to movement. This conversion is performed by a combustion reaction.

      Can my fuels octane rating be too high?

      The octane number is not a value of power. Instead, it lets you know how far you can use the high compression ratio. The high compression ratio will give you more power. In the case of a high compression ratio engine like those used in racing cars, a racing fuel is essential so you donít burn the piston by detonation or knocking. From a chemical point of view, the molecules with the highest octane numbers are generally molecules that release little energy during combustion. The higher the octane number, the less energy you will get. Therefore, if your engine requires only octane numbers of MON 89 and RON 102, donít waste fuel energy by using a MON 94 and RON 108 fuel. You wonít gain any performance.

      Ok, so what fuels do they have to choose from and why would you want their fuel? Well, you know it will always be the same so when your tuner pushes the limit giving you a 'kill' map you will be killing your competition instead of the motor.

      They certainly have plenty to choose from:

      What would BoostAddict users be interested in? Well, their oxygenated high octane fuels and for those who have fuel systems that support ethanol the Z85 fuel:

      Z85 PERFO provides a higher cooling effect, fast re-acceleration, and higher combustion energy than competitors and E85 pump fuels.

      Because Z85 PERFO has a higher specific gravity (density) than other E85 fuels, you will have to adjust engine air fuel ratio

      To feel the powerful reacceleration and the power will also have to optimize the spark advance timing because of the faster combustion

      This fuel contains a high content of ethanol specific fuel systems that must be used to ensure a good compatibility with high ethanol content fuels.
      How does this stuff compare to Ignite Racing Fuels which are also possible with the performance aftermarket? Well, someone should do a test but it is great to have fuel options.

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