• Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 4S, and Sport Cup 2 tire comparison in dry, wet, and on the track

      This comparison is from Tyre Review on Youtube and worth watching as they compare three popular Michelin performance tires. Tire technology makes huge strides over time and this is an area any car can pick up large performance gains from.

      Obviously the Pilot Sport is designed to be an all around performance tire for everyday use. The 4S is a bit more aggressive with sportier driving in mind. The Sport Cup 2 is a high performance tire with laptimes in mind and is not designed with wet performance as the goal as you can see below:

      Take these same tires in the dry and the result reverses. The Sport Cup 2 crushes the Pilot Sport tires by over a second. The Pilot Sport 4S impressively clings pretty close to the Sport Cup 2 but ultimately is outclassed:

      The 4S is the best blend of dry and wet performance. No surprise there and the Sport Cup 2 is the best track tire.

      Ultimately, matching your car to its task with proper rubber is incredibly important. There is a give and take in grip in certain situations though as well as longevity.

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      1. nbrigdan's Avatar
        nbrigdan -
        So... Why does the 4 (non-S) exist?
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        subaru335i -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by nbrigdan Click here to enlarge
        So... Why does the 4 (non-S) exist?
        Just guessing but maybe cheaper and lasts longer?